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Turning Vision into Reality

Debs drinks gallons of coffee a day, but we’ll let her off as she oversees the whole venue so well. She oversees the planning of events, ensures everyone is organised and works tirelessly to make sure every special day is perfect. She champions the team and is incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

Debs has a very dry sense of humour, and loves a bit of banter with brides, grooms and their guests. But don’t be fooled chaps, she will whip you into shape if you’re shirking your best man duties or drinking too much tequila before dinner time!

A country girl at heart, Debs loves getting the wellies on and going for a good walk, but only if there is a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc waiting for her at the end.

Originally from Sussex, Debs is subjected some serious teasing about her accent, but still insists she is the one speaking properly…

Venue Director

One of a kind with over 20 years experience

Planning events with military precision since the hall opened in 2008, Mel is one of a kind. She’s exceptionally organised and with over 20 years’ experience in the wedding industry, you can’t help but trust her to plan the best day of your life.

Mel shames us daily with her healthy eating and gym obsession, but if you’re feeling mean, you can push her off the wagon with a Bounty chocolate bar!

When she’s not at work, you’ll find her spending time with her beautiful grandchildren, hiking through the countryside with her husband and Ted the dog or lounging in the sun on a holiday.

Mel is also super creative and into interior design – sometimes we even let her loose on The Carriage Hall! And every time you visit her house, it looks completely different – she may be single handedly keeping Dulux in business.

Head of Sales

Helping you plan your special day

Catherine LOVES to talk! A lot. You can tell she’s at work before you’ve even made it up the stairs to the office, but we couldn’t do without her!

Catherine is our little bundle of joy, always positive, smiling and eager to find out how you are. You won’t find anyone more genuinely excited to meet you and plan your special day.

Catherine is super busy! Looking after her two children, catching up with friends and family, and planning or attending charity events in the local community. It’s no wonder she likes a cheeky glass of fizz in the evenings. Or wine. Or gin – she’s really not fussy!

She’s also the stationary queen – if you’re ever in need of a stapler, she’s your gal.

Sales & Events Coordinator

Georgia ensures that the weddings are set up perfectly and running smoothly.

We snapped Georgia up, fresh from her Events Management degree, and thank God we did! She’s an absolute joy to have around. She slotted straight into the team, and after only a year, it feels like she’s always been with us. 

When she’s not at work, Georgia spends her time catching up with friends and family and after a busy week, she treats herself to a night in with her boyfriend and a Chinese!

Georgia ensures that the weddings are set up perfectly and running smoothly, and does a marvelous job of it! But don’t let her positive, friendly attitude fool you, she is cool as a cucumber in stressful situations.


Her pony tail could be on fire and she wouldn’t break a sweat. Which has prepared her well to endure constant bullying over how often (or not) she makes the coffee…

Events Manager

Creating Truly Memorable Experiences...

Jenna aka the Perkins Family oracle. Having worked for the company since 2002, there is nothing this woman doesn’t know! She is calm, kind and generous (and can be bribed with a good cup of tea and a chocolate orange).

Jenna adores good food and wine, and luckily managed to bag herself a chef for a husband! They love nothing more than to spend a few days away, exploring the culinary delights on offer.

Jenna works incredibly hard and has developed to become a key part of the Head office director team which oversees the whole business. She loves to escape to the countryside for long walks whenever she can. A word of warning, if you join her, she will almost certainly fib about the length of the walk! But at least there will be a pub lunch waiting for you at the end.

An embodiment of the company values, Jenna has high standards and is truly an inspirational leader to us all.

Assistant Operations Director
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